What Is Corrview?

A New Corrosion Monitoring Tool 

The CorrView ® corrosion monitor is a new product specifically designed for monitoring corrosion activity and wall loss under the real world conditions - meaning that it measures corrosion activity within the actual piping system - not in an isolated side stream loop absent of most environmental factors.


Simply stated, CorrView acts as a virtual "Pipe Fuse" by providing a bright visual warning indication after a predetermined amount of wall loss has been exceeded.  Its unique design offers building and plant owners and operators a valuable new method to safeguard their piping and related equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion.


Latest Technology

CorrView is well described by its patent as "a self-contained, low cost, and disposable corrosion monitor for any fluid containing system."  Threaded directly into various piping locations instead of existing isolated in a side stream loop, the device exists under, and is therefore subject to, the same operating and environmental conditions as the actual pipe itself.

This new invention takes the metal coupon sample to corrode, and places it directly into the pipe itself in the form of a standard hex shaped pipe plug.  A simple chemical / mechanical color change mechanism then alerts the user once its predefined metal wall thickness dimension has been corroded away.

CorrView produces a far more accurate estimate of corrosion activity than standard corrosion coupons since it is affected by all factors such as flow rate, particulate and abrasive content, electrical currents, under deposit pitting, and micro biological agents, etc.  Its simple, maintenance free design allows installation virtually anywhere - thereby extending corrosion monitoring coverage, and greatly improving system reliability.  It is ideally suited for condenser water, process water, and fire sprinkler applications.

CorrView is also intended to provide long term, low cost wall loss monitoring where conditions such as zero flow, dead end, or empty pipe exists - common to crossover lines, mud legs, and both wet and dry fire protection systems.  It is also ideal where budget limitations exist, where less overall concern or other restrictions prohibit any form of regular corrosion testing, and where no corrosion monitoring would be otherwise performed.


Simple Operation

As a chemical / mechawhite_web_175x165nical device, its operation is extremely straightforward and reliable.  Physically, CorrView ® has the basic form of a standard hex headed pipe plug, and is easily installed into any threaded pipe, tank, or pressure vessel opening.

At its rear or liquid contacting surface, the metal is precision machined to provide a specific wall thickness dimension available to corrode or wear away under normal operation.  A clear sight glass at the front of CorrView normally displays a whitback_web_175x160e color to signify that corrosion and accumulated wall loss has not exceeded this dimension or wall thickness loss limit.  Since CorrView is typically manufactured from the same metal alloy as the actual pipe, and exists under identical operating conditions, it corrodes similarly.

Once in place, the liquid contacting side of CorrView essentially begins recording the corrosion activity of the system by wearing itself away.  Corrosion activity, in fact, varies greatly depending upon the service involved, chemical inhibitor effectiveness, rust deposits or micro biological influences present, as well as many other factors.  And as the many possible forms of corrosion activity wear against the pipe or tank metal, they also wear similarly against the CorrView corrosion monitor.

Once its predefined amount of metal is corroded away, water enters CorrView's sealed chamber to trigger a bright and permanent visual indication or alarm condition at its front sight glass. Its that simple!  No special piping, no time schedule to watch, no recurring costs, no further maintenance, and no lab analysis required.

In effect, CorrView aorange_web_175x154cts as a "Pipe Fuse" - providing a bright visual warning indication after a preset amount of corrosion or wall loss has been exceeded.

ticketIts highly visible white to bright fluorescent orange color change is easily seen and understood - requiring no prompting or special instruction.  An attached identification tag provides the correct contact information for those in the field.  This makes CorrView the perfect tool for any piping system or tank which, although it may not represent a serious corrosion threat, still warrants some attention.

CorrView remains in place, constantly wearing thinner depending upon the interior piping environment, and signaling an alarm should a high corrosion condition produce sufficient wall loss.

For those piping systems where a low corrosion rate exists, no color indication will likely take place for many years - possibly decades.  However, for systems with higher corrosion rates or problem areas such as typically found at cooling tower and fire protection, an alarm will be shown sooner to alert the need for further investigation.


100% American Made

CorrView is manufactured and assembled 100% in the United States, of 100% American made components.  At request, and where differences in steel quality is of a concern, we will import foreign bar stock steel for custom manufacture of exported CorrView products.


Versatile Tool

CorrView is available for carbon steel piping systems in U.S. pipe thread size 1-1/2 in. NPT - making it applicable for most HVAC piping, fire sprinkler, and process water systems.  CorrView can be configured to provide either long term or shorter term notice of a corrosion problem, and offers building owners and plant operators a significant new tool toward improving system reliability.

Overall, CorrView solves many of the known problems associated with corrosion monitoring using corrosion coupons - although it is not intended as a replacement, nor a single source testing method.  By providing a far more accurate real world estimate of true corrosion activity, CorrView helps reduce the ever present threat to building and plant operations due to inaccurate corrosion rate reporting.

brochurethumb 01We are pleased to mail an informative 4 fold color brochure of our CorrView corrosion monitor at request.  You can also view it online at left, and download to print locally.  Provides an excellent handout.

Complete details regarding CorrView can be found at the top navigation bar.  We also offer a volume of interesting and useful information on the general topics of piping, corrosion, and building or plant maintenance in our Technical Bulletins section.

For any specific questions or needs, please contact CorrView International, LLC. Contact CVI.


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