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Capacity of CorrView To Tolerate High Pressure Conditions

CorrView is a totally passive device designed to be installed into any 1-1/2 in. NPT female threaded pipe fitting.  In its original form, CorrView is nothing more than a hex shaped pipe plug given that its front wall surface in contact with the pipe liquid is solid.  In this form, and until corrosion has worn down its front surface, its internal pressure is atmospheric and no pressure is exerted against any internal components.

It is only when this front wall surface has been corroded to the point of failure that water under the line pressure of the piping system enters into the device.  For a 150 PSI condenser water system, the internal pressure of CorrView will also raise to the same 150 PSI line pressure, exerting that pressure against the body and all internal components.   


Highest Quality Materials

The main body of CorrView is manufactured in the United States from a solid bar stock of ASTM 1018 carbon steel.  It is comprised of a main body computer CNC machined from this bar stock material, and a separate high pressure sight glass manufactured to our own specifications.  Both components are threaded together and permanently sealed by 60,000 PSI high pressure anaerobic threadlocker.  An O-ring between both mating surfaces provides a secondary guarantee against leakage.

The quartz high pressure sight glass is manufactured by fusing molten quartz to molten steel for a hermetic seal, and does not utilize an O-ring or any other form of sealing mechanism.  The sight glass is rated by the manufacturer to 3,500 PSI, although capable of greater pressures.

Understandably, the presence of a sight glass to the device has raised some concerns that it is suitable at handling higher pressures of some larger high rise properties.  Addressing this concern, the CorrView corrosion monitor was submitted for pressure testing at two independent laboratories.


Independent Pressure Testing

We present below two separate certifications of CorrView to handle high operating pressures.  Both evaluations were performed by first drilling a hole through the front wear surface to simulate a corrosion related failure under which its interior would equal the line pressure.

Pressure Series 1


Pressure Certification To 3,000 PSI

Pressure Series 2


Pressure Certification To Failure at 13,000 PSI


Further Testing

We also provide a series of comparative Corrosion Studies between CorrView products, standard corrosion coupons, and the typical ASTM grades of pipe steel used in HVAC and fire protection installations.


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