Pressure Series 1

Pressure Testing Series 1

Exposure Of CorrView Sight Glass And Body To Medium High Internal Pressure

In its new and original form, the CorrView corrosion monitor is nothing more than a standard 1-1/2 in. threaded pipe plug.  Its interior compartment is hollow but sealed from the piping line pressure by its front wearable surface.  Once this front surface fails due to corrosion, its interior compartment, normally at low atmospheric pressure, then increases to the line pressure of the piping system.  For fire protection systems this is typically no more than 150 PSI; for HVAC systems at high rise office buildings, higher pressures of 400 PSI are possible.  Questions therefore exist to establish the safe and reliable working pressure for the device.

In our design engineering of CorrView, we selected the highest quality, highest pressure capacity sight glass available for this critical application.  As detailed in our explanation of its construction, the body of CorrView is CNC computer controlled machined from one solid piece of bar stock steel having no welds or seams.  The quartz sight glass is fused to the steel in its molten state - thereby producing an hermetic glass to metal seal capable of withstanding high pressures. 

Under low corrosion conditions, CorrView  may remain unchanged and in its original form for decades to show the lack of a corrosion problem.  Once its front metal surface wears at any point, however, its internal pressure will increase to the line pressure of the piping system and thereby exert that same force against the front sight glass, as well as against the internal threaded joint and O-ring which seals the sight glass assembly to the main body.  CorrView provides a dual sealing system between its main steel body and sight glass assembly - through the use of permanent 60,000 PSI anaerobic threadlocker, and through its secondary O-ring seal at its mating metal to metal surfaces.

The sight glass itself has a manufacturer's stated maximum operating pressure rating of 3,000 PSI, and a burst pressure of 7,000 PSI - well exceeding the 375 PSI maximum pressures found at very few cooling water or fire sprinkler applications, and then only at the tallest commercial properties.  Until corrosion wears the front surface to the point of failure, CorrView acts simply as any other threaded pipe plug and will easily handle any high pressure conditions within typical commercial, government, and residential properties.  Prior to sufficient corrosion activity to wear through its front water contacting surface, the internal pressure against the sight glass is at zero.

Our own pressure testing at the factory established CorrView capable of handling pressures to 1,000 PSI, yet interest was raised in certifying it to a higher operating limit.  To provide a rating of our device to sustain high pressure internal conditions, an independent outside laboratory was commissioned to perform a high pressure evaluation on CorrView.



Independent Testing Procedure


Pressure testing was performed by Affiliated Engineering Laboratories, LLC, a well respected materials testing laboratory located in Edison, NJ.  A standard 1-1/2 in. NPT CorrView model was supplied for hydrostatic pressure leak testing to 2,000 PSI as per ASTM testing specification E1003-05. 

In order to provide an acceptable attachment for a high pressure source, the front wear surface was machined to a higher wall thickness dimension of 0.150 in., then drilled and tapped with a 1/8 in. NPT thread for attachment to the testing apparatus.

Pressure was introduced to the unit through this opening until 2,100 PSI was reached, thereby raising all internal surfaces to that pressure.  The pressure of 2,100 PSI was held for 10 minutes without any loss of pressure or evidence of leakage.  The pressure was then released from within CorrView and the device examined for any evidence of damage. There was no evidence of any damage to the unit and a higher pressure was re-introduced.  Pressure was raised to 3,000 PSI and held for 10 minutes without any noticeable loss of pressure or leakage at the unit.


Laboratory Certification

The below independent certification of pressure holding capacity for the CorrView corrosion monitor well exceeds any operating parameters for any building services piping.  It twice exceeds the 1,300 - 1,500 PSI test pressure applied for listing of fire sprinkler service equipment for use in piping systems typically having a maximum operating limit of typically under 150 PSI.



The CorrView corrosion monitor as been designed and constructed with safety and reliability as its first criteria, and well exceeds the pressure and strength demands of any cooling water or fire sprinkler application.  It is manufactured and assembled in the USA using only the highest quality American made components. 

Much higher pressure testing has been performed, with further documentation provided in our Pressure Testing Series 2.


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