Corrosion Related Bulletins

Common Corrosion Problems

c 001Multiple forms of corrosion exist - generalized wall loss, underdeposit pitting, galvanic activity, erosion, CUI, weathering, to name a few.  Certain types of corrosion are associated with specific piping systems, and are often caused by easily avoided design engineering or maintenance errors.  

We provide below a series of Technical Bulletins related to the corrosion of HVAC piping systems.  All are directly based upon our 30+ years of experience in this field, and offer either an explanation or potential solution to common every day problems and concerns.

Corrosion  C-1:   Inadequate Corrosion Control - Recognizing The True Threat Of Corrosion To Building Services Piping Corrosion  C-2:   Reliable Mechanical Operations - General Recommendations For Maintaining Good Corrosion Control in HVAC Systems
Corrosion  C-3:   Roof Level Corrosion - Proof That Draining Down Condenser Water Piping Will More Than Double Corrosion Rate Activity Corrosion  C-4:   Interior Rust Deposits - The Downward Spiral of Operating Problems for Every Piping System
Corrosion  C-5:   MIC - The Greatest Threat To Any Condenser Water Or Open Process Cooling System Corrosion  C-6:   Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) - Or Is It Really CUPI - Corrosion Under Poor Insulation?
Corrosion  C-7:   How Long Should It Last?  Estimated Pipe Service Life At Varying Corrosion Rates Corrosion  C-8:   Piping Problems - The Six Most Common Forms Of Corrosion Affecting HVAC And Process Piping Systems
Corrosion  C-9:   Beyond Cell Culturing - Precisely Identifying The Microorganisms Responsible For Pipe Corrosion Through Advanced DNA Testing Corrosion  C-10:   Drained Pipe Corrosion - Total Piping Protection During Winter Lay-Up Or Extended Drain Down
Corrosion  C-11:   HVAC Piping - The Top Eight Corrosion Trends Found In Open And Closed Systems Corrosion  C-12:   Testing Options - The Many Benefits Of Spool Pieces In Monitoring Pipe Corrosion
Corrosion  C-13:   Misleading Information - The Inherent Inaccuracy And Limitations Of Standard Corrosion Coupons Corrosion  C-14:   Multiple Threats - The Many Corrosion Factors Affecting A Fire Sprinkler System
Corrosion  C-15:   Corrosion Coupons - A Case History Where The Reliance On Corrosion Coupons Concealed A Serious Corrosion Problem For Years Corrosion  C-16:   Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) - Various Proven Solutions To A Piping System's Worst Threat
Corrosion C-17:   Severe Chill Water Pipe Corrosion - Why a very heavy payback now exists for the earliest “Free Cooling” systems Corrosion C-18:   Galvanized Pipe Failure - How A Simple Engineering Design Error from 50 Years Ago Is Now Requiring Widespread Pipe Replacement
Corrosion C-19:   Higher Corrosion Activity By Design - Pipe Corrosion Problems No Water Treatment Program Can Protect Against Corrosion C-20:   Closed Piping System Corrosion - Avoiding A Problem That Should Never Occur
Corrosion C-21:   Dual Temperature Piping - Multiple Negative Factors Which Define Its Overall Greater Vulnerability Corrosion C-22:   Inevitable Corrosion Problems - The Steady Decline In The Quality Of Today’s Piping
Products Means The Potential Of Serious Corrosion Problems


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