Fire Protection Related Bulletins

Wet And Dry Fire Systems

f 001Dramatically different corrosion threats exist for fire protection system depending upon whether they are dry sprinkler / preaction, or wet sprinkler or standpipe.  Within the fire protection industry, the greatest threat is generally to "dry" fire systems since the potential exists for sufficient rust product to totally block water flow during a fire emergency.  

Generally, the corrosion threat to all fire systems is related to the volume and frequency of fresh water added to the system, with other issues, such as the installation of thin wall piping also involved.

Fire Protection  F-01:   Interior Rust Deposits - The True Threat Of A High Corrosion Problem To A Fire Sprinkler Line Fire Protection  F-02:   Premature Failures - Major Misconceptions Within The Fire Protection Industry
Fire Protection  F-03:   When Pipe Corrosion At A Fire Protection System Can Cost Lives Fire Protection  F-04:  Fire Sprinkler Corrosion - The Pros And Cons Of Different Alternatives To Controlling Pipe Corrosion
Fire Protection F-05:   Little to No Water - The True Threat Of A High Corrosion Problem To A Fire Sprinkler Line Fire Protection F-06:   Fire Line Booster Pumps - One Very Common Problem Source Often Overlooked By Facility Maintenance And Fire Service Personnel Alike
Fire Protection F-07:   Multiple Threats - The Many Corrosion Factors Affecting A Fire Sprinkler System


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