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s 001Poor plant and building maintenance is generally easy to find, if someone is looking for it.  But for all piping system, their condition and potentially decades of neglect are hidden from view; rarely identified during a standard due diligence engineering review.

We provide below a series of Technical Bulletins relating to the benefit of pre-planning evaluations of building piping, tanks, and other critical infrastructure.  All bulletins are based upon our 30+ years of experience in this field, and relate to common every day problems and events in the building operations / HVAC management field.

Fitness For Service S-01:   Ultrasonic Testing - The Best First Step In Any Building Evaluation Survey

Fitness For Service S-02:   Air Storage Tank Testing - Compliance Testing Of Pressure Vessels To New Jersey Defined Ultrasonic Testing Standard SNT-TC-1A

Fitness For Service S-03:  Infrastructure Piping - A Critical Concern To Anyone Considering A High Rise Condominium Or Co-Op Residence Purchase   

Fitness For Service S-04:  Piping Conformance - Certifying New Pipe to ASTM Specifications, Metallurgical Analysis, And Estimating Future Corrosion Vulnerability
Fitness For Service S-05:  Walking By Problems - Why Are The Most Obvious Indications To A Pipe Corrosion Problem Overlooked During Due Diligence Inspections?  


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