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m 001Ultimately, the service life of any building property is dependent upon the continued care and maintenance it receives.  In some cases it is paint and perfectly polished floors, hidden pipe clamps, lots of duct tape, and a hopeful prayer.  In others it is a dedication to excellence and watchful eye over every fine detail of building operations. 

We offer below various thoughts and proven recommendations to specific maintenance problems that we have been involved with over the years, with the interest toward improving the reliability and safety of any building operation.

Maintenance  M-1:   Predictive Maintenance - The Growing Importance Of Nondestructive Testing For Successful Building Or Plant Operations Maintenance  M-2:   Pipe Cleaning - Safely Removing Iron Oxide, Dirt, Organic Material, And Other Corrosion Products From Interior Pipe Surfaces Using High Pressure Water Jet
Maintenance  M-3:   Filtering Out The Problem - Preventing The Formation Of Scale In HVAC Computer Humidification Pans Maintenance  M-4:   Water Fountains - Reducing The Microbiological Count Of Decorative Fountains Using Ultraviolet Water Purification
Maintenance  M-5:   Selective Filtration - Hexavalent Chromate Removal In Closed HVAC Recirculating Systems Maintenance  M-6:   Heat Exchangers - The Ultimate Safeguard For Critical Or Problem Condenser Water Applications
Maintenance  M-7:   Nondestructive Testing - The Benefit Of Implementing A Vibration Analysis And Equipment Deficiency Maintenance  M-8:   Misleading Indicators - The Critical Mistake Of Assuming That Clean Water Circulation Means A Clean Piping System
Maintenance  M-9:   Heat Exchanger Tube Coating - An Outstanding Alternative To Condenser And Chiller Tube Replacement Maintenance  M-10:   Contradiction In Terms - Why Open Condenser Systems Are Provided Lower Chemical Protection Than Less Critical Closed Systems
Maintenance  M-11:   Nondestructive Testing - The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Testing In Determining Pipe Corrosion Rate, Pitting, And Remaining Service Life Maintenance  M-12:   Infrastructure Failure - Pipe Corrosion And Its Growing Threat To Office Building And Plant Operations
Maintenance  M-13:   Chiller Tube Epoxy Coating - Case History Of A 650 Ton Evaporator Section Maintenance  M-14:   Mold - How A Minor Corrosion Problem Can Quickly Evolve Into A Building Wide Health Threat 
Maintenance M-15:   More Than Just Wall Loss - The True Threat Of A High Corrosion Problem To A Fire Sprinkler Line Maintenance M-16:   Corrosion The Beginning - How Secondary Mechanical Problems Can Originate From A Simple Pipe Corrosion Condition
Maintenance M-17:   Someone To Blame - Reducing Your Legal Liability By Actively Monitoring For Corrosion Activity Maintenance M-18:   Localized Corrosion Issues - Corrosion Trends In New York City Building Properties


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