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p 001A wide variety of factors all combine to influence the corrosion activity at and therefore service life of any piping system. Each piping system, in fact, has specific inherent vulnerabilities, specific corrosion threats, engineering design and potentially faults, and maintenance requirements.

Often, two or more individual factors are the fause of a failure or corrosion issue.  Some problems are clearly related to chemical treatment efficienty, or lack thereof, while others are related to its original piping design, choice of materials, and operating conditions.

Piping  P-1:   Why You Cannot Use Schedule 40 Threaded Black Pipe In Condenser Or Open Water Applications Piping  P-2:   Roof Level Corrosion - Avoiding Some Obvious But Surprisingly Common Problems
Piping  P-3:   Clamp Type Construction - Making Sure Your Pipe Service Life Is Not Cut In Half During Construction Piping  P-4:   Moving In The Wrong Direction - Changes In Piping Trends Which Have Occurred Over The Past Few Decades
Piping  P-5:   External Pipe Corrosion - Recognizing The Hidden Threat To All Chill And Cold Water Piping Systems Piping  P-6:   Nondestructive Testing - Evaluating Building And Plant Process Piping Systems For Corrosion, Pitting, And Remaining Service Life
Piping  P-7:   Testing Methods - The Pros And Cons Of Destructive Verses Nondestructive Testing Piping  P-8:   Comparison Of Various Schedules And Wall Thickness Values For Carbon Steel Pipe
Piping  P-9:   Pipe Testing - Suggested Specifications For Ultrasonic Pipe Testing And Reporting Procedures Piping  P-10:   Galvanic Corrosion - The Importance Of Dielectric Insulators Where Carbon Steel Meets Brass Or Copper
Piping  P-11:   A Hidden Threat - The Severe And Hidden Danger To Any Condenser Water Piping System Which Is Annually Drained Down Piping  P-12:   Extending Service Life - Evidence That Good Corrosion Control Is Possible By Following Certain Guidelines
Piping P-13:   Dual Temperature Piping Systems - A Serious Hidden Threat Due To An Engineering Design Oversight From More Than 40 Years Ago  Piping P-14:   Shorter Pipe Service Life - How New Steel Pipe Manufactured Today Will Never Provide The Service of Pipe Manufactured Decades Ago
Piping  P-15:   Undersized Steel Pipe - A Simple Dial Caliper Wall Thickness Measurement May Reveal Surprising Results Piping  P-16:   Certifying Pipe Specifications And Quality - Establishing ASTM Conformance, Physical Characteristics,  Metallurgy, and The Corrosion Vulnerability of New Steel Pipe
Piping  P-17:   Galvanized Steel For Hot Water Service - An Inherent Chemical / Physical Limitation Of Galvanized Steel Pipe, And Why It Should Never Be Used In Any Hot Water Service Piping  P-18:   Chill Water Pipe Protection - Finally, A Rust Preventative Coating That Can Be Applied To Cold And Wet Pipe Surfaces
Piping  P-19:   Pipe Substitution - Introducing The "Weakest Link" Scenario Of A Chain Into A Piping System Piping  P-20:   Bethlehem Steel - A Tribute To The Finest Steel Pipe Ever Produced


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