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Water Filtration

w 001For any circulating HVAC system, water filtration is no longer an option - it is a absolute necessity.  Even under the lowest possible corrosion rates, substantial internal rust deposits are created to produce more detrimental secondary corrosion losses. 

Many choices of filtration exist depending upon piping system, fouling load, particulate size, flow volume, and level of maintenance.  Purchasing a water filtration system is only the 1st step, however, as most water filtration systems we see are installed in the wrong location - thereby greatly limiting their performance.

Water Filtration  W-1:   Water Filtration - Improving Heat Transfer Efficiency In Open And Closed Recirculating HVAC Systems Water Filtration  W-2:   Improper Filter Installation - Two Obvious Reasons Why Most High Cost Water Filtration Systems Fail To Perform
Water Filtration  W-3:   Volume vs. Size - The Common Misunderstanding That Particle Size Retention Is Most Important To Filter Selection Water Filtration  W-4:   Misleading - The Critical Mistake Of Assuming That Clean Water Circulation Means A Clean Piping System Indicators 
Water Filtration  W-5:   Water Filtration - A Worthless Expense, Or Highly Effective Benefit To Any HVAC System?  Water Filtration  W-6:   Condenser Water Filtration - The Very Latest Technology Offering High Flow Rate, Low Backwash Consumption, And Low Maintenance



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