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wt 001Water treatment is the science of trying to slow down an inevitable and unstoppable force of nature.  Its effectiveness is dependent upon multiple variables such as treatment chemicals used, product effectiveness, microbiological activity, pipe quality and source, environmental conditions, operating conditions, engineering design, plant maintenance, supervisory expertise, and money expended. 

For many, physical characteristics and engineering of the piping system itself will play a large role in those final results.

We provide below a series of Technical Bulletins related to the issue of controlling corrosion through water treatment which are directly based upon our 30+ years of experience in this field.  Other Technical Bulletins related to corrosion, filtration, piping, etc. provide additional information. 

Water Treatment  WT-01:   Corrosion - Why Pipe Failure Is Not Always The Fault Of Your Water Treatment Provider
Water Treatment  WT-02:   Misleading Information - The Inherent Inaccuracy And Limitations Of Standard Corrosion Coupons 
Water Treatment  WT-03:   Corrosion Coupons - A Case History Where The Reliance On Corrosion Coupons Concealed A Serious Corrosion Problem For Years Water Treatment  WT-04:   Higher Corrosion Activity By Design - Pipe Corrosion Problems No Water Treatment Program Can Protect Against
Water Treatment WT-05:   What's Wrong With These Pictures - This Is Not What A Corrosion Coupon History Of 0.4 MPY Should Look Like At A 6 Year Old Condenser Water System


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