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Sample Ultrasonic Tank Testing Report

CorrView International provides the very highest level of ultrasonic testing services we know to be available; constantly striving to improve our standards and report presentation.  We have strict field testing and reporting procedures which are explicitly followed in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability.


Unlike most other services that will provide a nearly worthless one or two page spreadsheet of often inaccurate wall thickness values for the client to decipher and attempt to derive any benefit, we provide a comprehensive report with all the support necessary to fully answer every question and concern.  A typical report of a domestic water or fire protection tank will address all accessible areas, and give a complete view of the condition of the tank, and will typically comprise 50 pages in a 3 ring 1-1/2 in. hard cover binder.

statistics_resume_140To offer some impression to the volume of our work, in addition to the content of this site, we have developed a database to automatically produce a single page "live" statistical resume of our work and experience in the ultrasonic testing field.  With each additional project completed, new data is automatically added and the resume updated.

We offer this statistical resume at left, and also provide further background information, client listings, and business references upon request.  

A typical ultrasonic testing report is separated into 5-10 sections comprising support data, background explanation of procedures, summaries, field testing data, and a full narrative explanation of our results.  Information is presented in order to allow the reader to thoroughly understand the conditions which exist, the potential level of threat to operations, and the fitness for service of the tank. 

We provide definition to the content of our investigative reports below, as well as an Interactive Sample Report.  Those sections of the report are:


Report Table of Contents




Cover page, table of contents, and background data relating to the client and the physical test location.


Executive Summary

A one page review of the entire report summarizing major findings, conditions, threats and vulnerabilities, as well as recommendations toward possible corrective actions.


Introduction to Ultrasonic Tank Testing

A full explanation of the testing process, equipment employed and measurement theory.  Reviews technical definitions, investigative limitations, and offers examples of common forms of corrosion.  Useful in explaining all aspects of the report and the underlying basis for its generation.


Individual Test Sites

The results for each tank tested are presented in its own section.  Included is an overall assessment of the tank, all physical characteristics, visual assessment, statistical calculations, raw wall thickness data, average case scenario, worst case scenario, corrosion rate, percentage of wall loss, location photo, as well as 3-D graphs providing a realistic vision of the inner surface conditions.



Test Site # 1

A pressurized 8,000 gal. fire reserve tank from 1921 showing pitting along the water line and bottom as common.


Test Site # 2


Second pressurized 8,000 gal. fire reserve tank from 1921 showing pitting along the water line and bottom as common.


 Test Site # 3


Third pressurized 8,000 gal. fire reserve tank from 1921 showing pitting along the water line and bottom as common.


Test Site # 4


A 33,000 gal. domestic water / fire reserve tank from 1921.  Corrosion activity at the inside is moderate, but worse outside due to decades of moisture condensation.  Rehabilitation is required.


Test Site # 5


A 37,000 gal. domestic water / fire reserve tank from 1921.  This second tank shows less severe outer corrosion but similar interior wall loss.  Wall loss to minimum limits in areas defines the need for rehabilitation.  


Test Site # 6


Domestic reserve suction tank feeding domestic water express pumps.  Moderate corrosion inside and out places this tank at the end of those requiring repair and rehabilitation.



Any information relative to the investigation is provided including an overall summary if multiple tanks are addressed.  Also included is an appendix of additional photos, highlighted problems areas, useful documentation, repair options, etc.



Summary And Recommendations

A final summary of results for all tanks tested, specific recommendations,



Supplemental information, photo documentation, reprints, rehabilitation or repair options, website information, testing explanation, etc.


The above report outline and interactive sample report is typical of the services CorrView International provides.  We can provide sample ultrasonic testing reports related to specific tank services such as domestic water, fire sprinkler, reserve tanks and air or gas containment vessels on request.  Please contact CVI for further information.


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